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ellCompro recognize that each project is subject to a unique set of challenges. Understanding this, our decision making processes are based on the lifecycle costs and operation of the facility, from commissioning and start-up through to decommissioning. This ensures that all aspects of the facility design are coordinated and function as a whole, with the true project cost of any decision assessed prior to implementation.

The hallmark of WellCompro’s facility definition and concept screening work is the integrated systems approach.

It is this system based approach which is a key differentiator for WellCompro. By treating each development as a single integrated system, we identify the optimum overall outcome that will:

• Provide a robust and environmentally acceptable technical solution;
• Deliver the most cost effective solution over the life of the asset;
• Enhance productivity;
• Improve availability

It is the policy of WellCompro Services Inc. to operate as a reliable and client oriented Contractor to deliver products and services in accordance with the Contract and in compliance with the applicable statutory requirements