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WellDynamics Tubular Services Ltd.

The sister company of WellCompro Services Incorpated

OTCG Procurement:

WellDynamics Tubular Services (WTS) supplies OCTG products including threaded drill pipe, casing and tubing that are used in drilling, equipping and operating oil and gas wells. We are leading supplier of seamless pipe for the oil and gas industry with our team of experienced staff we are able to meet our clients’ project need and on schedule.

WTS knows that no two drilling programs are the same. For this reason, we have surrounded our company with experienced and capable personnel and partners to create customized solutions to meet diverse needs. We combine premium product delivery with provision of expert advice and technical support to achieve first class service delivery for our clients.


Pipeline Inspection:

WellDynamics Tubular Services (WTS) is dedicated to a holistic approach to pipeline inspection with addition to our specialized inspection tools, methods and equipment.

We provide in-line inspection of (non-piggable) pipelines and furnaces including quick scans, full assessments, pre-engineering, mechanical works, mechanical and chemical cleaning, gauging, caliper runs, inspection, reporting and consulting.

All of our equipment is well maintained and updated in accordance with the latest industry standards. For our clients, the result is high quality solutions, more reliable inspections and less downtime. We are constantly challenging the boundaries and looking to expand our knowledge and experience.

Implementing cutting edge technology allows us to find creative solutions for specific challenges, while simultaneously providing customized technical solutions and adaptive field application. High-end engineering enables us to develop custom tools and equipment, while a certified, well trained and seasoned group of field engineers can apply these solutions anywhere in the world.


Drilling Tools:

The drilling tools we provide include: Drilling motors, drilling subs, shock subs, drilling jars, stabilizers, centralizers, crossovers, pup joints, fishing tools, drilling bits, etc. We also provide drilling rig equipment.